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Struggling with inefficient systems which push your costs up?

Fed up with hard-to-get, out of date information?

Resirva gives you real-time course, administration and financial information at your fingertips

Frustrated with having to pay per user and tied to a desktop?

Resirva gives you unlimited users at no extra cost from any device, anywhere

Tied to managing enrolments only in office hours?

Resirva manages enrolments for you 24/7 from all over the world

Tired of chasing up missing or inaccurate information?

Resirva ensures accurate data entry and chases outstanding details for you automatically

Headaches managing all of the fine details?

Resirva manages class mix, accommodation, transfers, documents and payments automatically


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Resirva integrates and automates administrative functions in a single system. One-click enrolment approval, online payment straight into your account, automatic email chasers for payments, visa documents and missing information.


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Choose from a full website, an integration with your existing website, off-the-shelf or bespoke, as well as a range of flexible payments options.

"We were lucky in that our summer school was over-subscribed when we implemented Resirva, what we really needed was much greater efficiency and cost savings. I estimate that Resirva's automation of the many tasks which had previously been done manually has saved us about 50% of our annual administration costs and delivered a much better customer experience."

Lee Hawkes
Director of Summer School, St Edmunds College

"We used Resirva for the Marlborough College School of English and Culture - - because we knew that it worked really well from our earlier experience with the College's main summer school. We've had many really positive and unprompted comments from applicants about how stimulating the website content is and how easy it is to book, and on top of that we've been able to manage very significant growth without the need to recruit extra staff because of the high degree of automation and the breadth of capability within Resirva."

John Blake
Director, Marlborough College Enterprises Ltd

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